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I feel overwelmed with bad luck right now too (way beyond IF). I hope that you are pleasantly surprised on Thursday.

(Side note - I just saw your simple living link on the left. I have been reading up on SL and considering making some life changes - probably small at first. Have you done anything?)


Hi -

I am so sorry that you're feeling pessimistic. I truly hope you get some surprising (and good!) news soon.

I wish you all the best.

Brooklyn Girl

I'm sorry. I wish I could think of something better to say.


I'm sorry. I hope you get an unexpected positive this week.

Weird, I was going to title my post "Statistically speaking" but I'll have to change that now...


Please don't forget that divine intervention plays a big part in all of this. I know this is all very difficult for you, but ask.....boldly.


The stats are population wide, not for people sitting next door to each other. This means NOTHING.

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